Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff

I saw this blog and it had a Youtube video in it and I thought I could do that! I put one on my website - I can put one in a blog!

That was LDN by Lily Allen from her album Smile. So go out and buy the album. There are a few "naughty" words in some of her songs though. But it hit the top of the album charts. I like the special effects in that video. It's a very cheerful song - with a sort of hidden message. You don't really get it until you see the video. It could almost be political. I could imagine a government Minister walking through Westminster singing that. They believe everything is alright, alright - but it's all lies.

Anyway, music from England.....


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Yahoo Answers and things!

Since I wrote my last Blog about Yahoo Answers - I've learned a little more about it! That blog was about Human Computation and asked the question is Yahoo Answers and experiment in Human Computation? Are we people that answer questions lab rats in their experiment. Read my previous blog:

While I'm doing links these are some previous blogs:




Then of course my tiny but well packed web site!


I live in England and if you look at the URL above - that is a sub-domain provided by my ISP and they give me "free broadband". Well I pay £20.99 a month for Talk3 international and that includes the rental on my phone line. It includes calls to landlines in the UK - except those with certain codes that are not geographical. I can also call the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all the countires in the European Union at no extra cost - and free ADSL broadband on top. That is a good deal, in a country where gasoline costs around 90p a litre! But my speed varies - it was about 300K one day and 1.4 Mbs the next! I have a dynamic IP and so I sometimes pull the plug on my router and plug it back in and get assigned a new IP when things don't work.


I have some health problems and so making plans is difficult. It's very cold in England right now and that makes me worse. But I have some campaigning to do. Then I hope to start a new web site for people like me who run small web sites. With resources and advice on how to get started and even how to make a little money at it. I may even give web space away. I have found if I buy a lot it's not too bad on the price and I will have a year to introduce people to the company to get enough money in my account to pay for space the next year. I hope people will use the space provided by the ISP. That is what I do now. I can then use the main site as a link and send them the spiderbots from the search engines. As we visit each other sites - we will be increasing each others traffic. I hope it will be a community and we will be able to communicate maybe using Skype? It would be handy just to be able to call someone free when you have a problem.

Yahoo Answers

Yes, as I suspected to get those top answers and get on the leaderboard - they cheat! lol Email a question to all your friends or even one friend and give them top answer and they do the same for you. Voting too is rigged. I think the Yahoo Answers team should stop people voting for themselves! You can't give your own answer a "thumbs up" but you can vote for it. So people from Yahoo Answers - you little Human Compuation lab rats - now you know how to get lots of top answers. Go to Q&A look through your answers for answers that are in voting. Hover over the thumbs up bit of each question and if it says you can't give your own answer a "thumbs up" - that one is yours - vote for it! lol Only an Englishman would share such information - we like a level playing field and believe in fairness - except for our politicians - but that is the same the world over.

Best wishes to my Internet friends wherever your are from England.......


Getting more infamous every day.....